In the hiking community, I earned the nickname Sweetfish

I had pulled a huge lake trout out of Pierce Pond with a hook I found, and a piece of Clif bar. An experience I will never forget. I had left my life for a while to hike the Appalachian Trail. The first of many, many adventures. How did I get here?

My real name is Rob Wisnouckas, and I use to be a mechanic.

I remember standing in the parking lot of a grocery store as a little old lady asked me if I knew anything about cars. An obvious question as smoke was pouring out from her car. I had no idea how to help her. I don’t think that lady will ever know the extent of how she directed my life. Not really having a clear idea of how I wanted my life to be, I applied for university and two years later I had my degree in automotive and was working in an auto shop full time. 6 days a week. The money was good. I had learned an incredibly helpful trade. Soon tho I realized that I couldn’t go snowboarding very often. Time for myself was few and far between. I was living my life in a garage, and the money I was making was just getting spent on things, and not fulfilling my life. I was an adult, and it stressed me out. The more money I made the more stress I had, and the more I spent money to feel better. It was a vicious cycle. The stress poured out into all the other areas of my life until my relationships and health were toxic.

The stress had seriously impacted my health and I found myself sick to my stomach.


I started visiting the doctors to figure out what was wrong. I was getting sick but not getting better. During the two years in and out of the hospitals, I was given a diagnosis of Crohn’s, and after trying the list of different pills and drugs, nothing was working. The stuff that did anything had horrible side effects. The doctor’s plan was to remove my intestines and I would have to wear a bag for the rest of my life. I sat on the edge of the table looking at my doctor in disbelief. I decided to take my life and health into my own hands. It was a pivotal moment. I was going to find another way. Whatever it takes.

Fast forward years later. Happy. Healthy. Present.

I’ve found and developed the skills to turn my life into something I love. Bridging the gap between work and travel and lifestyle. My love of travel and need for some adventure led me to hike the Appalachian Trail, which turned me to the Pacific Crest Trail, which led me to the Continental Divide Trail and then branching out to other countries. Spains Camino de Santiago. New Zealand’s Te Araroa. Through many hard lessons (and shoes) and amazingly serendipitous experiences, I have found a love for travel, this beautiful planet, and the people and connections I’ve made along the way.

I could never have accomplished this without the many wonderful people I have met along this journey, and I want to honor these people and lessons by sharing my stories. I am here to inspire others that want to be part of something bigger, and to help, so you can create and share your own story, and hopefully be an inspiration yourself.

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