Top 5 Hawaii Hikes and Camping spots (bring your camera)

One of the most incredible destinations for hiking and camping, here is a quick break down of 5 places that should be on your list.


And we start it off with number one the Kalalau Trail in Napali Coast Wilderness Park. Awesome views of the north coast and a little challenging this hike should be on everyone’s top 10 list. Before heading out to hike this, unless you are only hiking the first 2 miles, get your permit. Head over to this website:,details,1692.html and build an account to reserve your time when you can camp. This hike is 11 miles one way to the end, and then camp at one of the designated camp spots you reserved in advance, or head back the same day. Even if you are only hiking this in one day and not camping you still need a permit to hike further then the 2-mile point. You will most likely get muddy at times and stream crossings mean you’ll get your boots wet. I recommend renting a car (a jeep actually, so you can get to the next hike location) and just driving to the parking lot. There is nothing in the parking lot except for toilets, so bring what gear you need with you.


Second on the list is Blue Hole.  One, if not the most rainiest places on the earth.  In the course of a few hours, this hike went from blue skies to rain twice.  Not really much of a trail, but more like a hike up a river.  There were bits and pieces of trail in between some rock hopping up the river, that passes through a dense jungle of twisted trees and at points an incredible bamboo forest.  This hike is an advanced hike for sure and getting here is half the fun.  You will need a Jeep to get here, as twice we drove through water almost up to the doors, and be sure you are confident with off-road and mud conditions.


Waimea Canyon sits in the number three spot for hiking and camping. Solid on both fronts and easier to get a permit here. A little confusing for us to find the place where we were supposed to be camped, as we just camped at the campground we could find with no issues. The drive up the canyon is phenomenal, and not to be missed even if you are not camping. Do it.


Diamond Head is number four is one of the most popular hikes in Hawaii for good reason. Its close to Waikiki, easy to get to, and fun to hike. And when you get to the top, the view is great. A hike up an old volcanic cone with switchbacks and tunnels and stairs on the way up.


Rounding out the top 5 is Volcano National Park. Free entry for us with our national park pass (high five) Hiking into lava tubes and through the volcanic landscape is truly incredible. Some trails are often closed as this is actually active, and sometimes you can go see the lava depending on current conditions.

Look for more on Hawaii in upcoming blogs. Food, non-hiking stuff to see and of course… Waffles.

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